About Kome Itoje

Let us talk about Kome Itoje for a minute.

Oghenekome ltoje, the perfect relationship advocate
Oghenekome ltoje is a Nigerian, living and working in Nigeria. He is an accountant by training. He also possesses a postgraduate degree in Computer Science.

Through sheer tenacity and will of purpose, he went further to become the best website designer, web host and publisher in Nigeria and beyond.

Additionally, his personally love experiences and various relationship encounters has taught Kome Itoje a great deal of useful and invaluable lessons on love relationship. As a result of these experiences, Kome Itoje knows everything that there is to know about love relationships, including marriage.

Consequently, how else to give back to society than to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences with others by becoming a relationship counsellor? Apart from being a relationship expert, he is now one of the greatest authorities on relationship advice in the world.

Humble Beginnings

Kome Itoje was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He was not even born with a silver spoon either. He was born by lowly parents from a very lowly background.

But, take note, however, that the greatest people in the world today were not born from an aristocratic background either. Remember Jesus, the greatest leader who ever lived?

Was he not born in a manger among the flock of the field rather than in a palatial compound befitting of a king? Yes, indeed. But, did he not become the founder of Christianity, a religion which currently boasts of over a billion members worldwide?

That is true indeed. And Kome Itoje's story seems to be patterned after the same fashion. His academic background began with his primary and secondary education. Though he was of little means and often had to trek a long distance to get to school, but he was always among the first persons in attendance at school.

He was so intelligent and took his studies seriously that this did not go unnoticed by his class teachers and peers at school. His teachers began calling him "small, but mighty", while his class mates mischievously called him "small portmanteau".

Landmark Achievements

He finished secondary school and went further to study Accountancy at a higher level. It was at this time that he was introduced to the theoretical aspects of computer. The interest in computers was ignited while doing a course in Auditing and the need for an Auditor to be computer literate was repeatedly emphasised.

It was only natural that he would go ahead to pursue a course in Computer Science at the Post-graduate level. Aside from this academic qualifications, he has over ten (10) years practical experience in system administration.

Over the years, the MD/CEO's love for computers has grown with greater intensity and utmost fascination - to the extent that the computer has gradually become his first love - second at present only to sweet, beautiful, melodious music.

In order to have a little insight into this amazing love and passion for computers, go ahead and watch the Computer Fundamentals training video displayed below.
(You need a flash player installed in your computer in order to watch this)

At present, Kome Itoje has several personal websites to his website building profile. Some of them are The Perfect Relationship Advisor, Internet Marketing Headquarters Nigeria, including this website (TheNigeriaHost.net) - just to mention a few. Some other websites to watch out for will address e-book publishing basics and good writing tips and techniques.

Take advantage of the wealth of experience and valuable information at the disposal of the MD/CEO by joining the mailing list of TheNigeriaHost.net. Remember to visit the TheNigeriaHost forum once in a while to keep yourself updated with respect to current best practices in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) world. You will be doing yourself a world of good.

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