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TheNigeriaHost.net is a Nigeria based company which has been in the web hosting business since the last decade, as an extension of our many years of computer training services.

Additionally, TheNigeriaHost.net is a subsidiary of Komebiz International - the veteran Information & Computers Technology Resources Outfit. You will find detailed information about the organisation as a whole and how the idea of the best web hosting outfit in Nigeria was nurtured and eventually actualised.

About Komebiz International

Komebiz International is the brain child of an indigenous small-scale business entrepreneur by name, Oghenekome Itoje. The company was established with the mandate to train interested students who are also Nigerian residents on the basic rudiments of computer operations as well as carry out other computer-based activities.

In doing this, Komebiz International ganered so much experience and ICT resources tools which has made their human resources development programs second to none in the country as a whole.

Computer TrainingThe idea to establish a state-of-the-art info-tech resources and personnel training outfit struck the MD/CEO in the year 2000 - in the wake of the worldwide scare and hype about the "millennium bug" and a possible crash in the operations of all computers across the globe.

Additionally, at that time, computer training was at its lowest ebb in various parts of the developing world, especially the African continent (Nigeria inclusive). The MD too was not left out of the widespread computer illiteracy in the late '90s.

However, the operations of Komebiz International would not go online until after a whole decade has elapsed. It gives me great pleasure, therefore - after more than a decade of doing computer business offline - to present to you Komebiz International (Infotech Resources & Manpower Development Center) online!

Without a doubt, Komebiz International has come of age. No doubt about it. The "apprenticeship" period, as the MD would prefer to call it, is finally over. Komebiz International offline has graduated and metamorphosed to become Komebiz International online. Consequently, it is now time for Komebiz International to take its rightful place and make its mark in the online information and communication technology world.

This website - TheNigeriaHost.net - is further evidence of that fundamental reality.

About TheNigeriaHost

Web hosting in Nigeria - like ICT awareness - has been in a state of doldrum for many decades now. To buttress this assertion, many business owners do not even see the need to have a website of their own. If a survey is conducted, you may very well be surprised at the results.

To make matters worse, many government establishments, ministerial and extra-ministerial departments in Nigeria do not have websites.

Similarly, only a handful of the state and local governments in the country have computerised their operations, much less having websites of their own. How appalling indeed!

best web hosting in NigeriaConsequently, as a result of the widespread ignorance and the non-availability of a web host that can render the very best web hosting services in Nigeria, there was need to launch the perfect web host providing the best web hosting services in Nigeria, managed by Nigerians for all Nigerians.

Our top priority at TheNigeriaHost.net is to offer our customers premium web solutions, top-notch support with fast resolution, all at the best possible price! This is our full-time business and is very important to us. We think you'll be impressed at the amount of hard work we put into this company, and guarantee we won't let you down.

We have a plan for just about anyone, including shared & reseller hosting, VPS & dedicated services, server admin work, plus semi-dedicated teams. And our services are guaranteed! You can go for bargain basement hosting, if you wish. They do serve a purpose in this industry too. It all comes down to what type of hosting you're looking for.

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