Build a Website for Me!

Build a website for me! If that is your ernest desire, then you have come to the right place.

As a matter of fact, our Build Me A Website package is the best you will find around.

Why should you rely on us to build you a website?

Simple. TheNigeriaHost is a professional website design company that specializes in Build-It-For Me, Custom Web Design Services.

Additionally, our professional website design company will provide you with a state-of-the-art website designed to your exact specifications.

So, what do you get?

You get Build-It-For-Me Custom Professional Website Design Services, Domain Name Registration, Business Email Accounts, Web Hosting and a whole lot more.

Can You Build A Website On Your Own?

However, you may feel that you can build a website all by yourself (BAWOYO).

While we provide an easy-to-use website builder as part of our complete website hosting package, the very process of building a state-of-the-art website with all the trimmings of professionalism attached to it is not an easy one.

So, can you really do it by yourself? Do you have what it takes to build your own website yourself? lt is not my intention to insult your intelligence, but have you built a website before?

Do you have knowledge of HTML codes, JavaScript and other complex high level languages that are used to build and upload a website on the internet? Even if you have HTML knowledge and programming background, do you have the time to devote to building your website all by yourself?

Additionally, can you perform all the functions, including the marketing of your website and search engine optimization, that are crucial to the ultimate success and profitability of your website all on your own without any external help from someone who has the requisite pedigree for the job?

For your information, a lot is involved in building a profitable website. As a matter of fact, your website is an online business that needs traffic or visitors to constantly visit it in order for you to be able to make money from the site.

It is not just enough to register a domain name, upload a few pages, slap up a few AdSense ads on the site and expect to begin to make money from the site within a short time.

Doing that, you may as well be engaged in a philanthropic community service in your neighbourhood. Do you now see why it is very important to allow me build a website for you?

However, you may still wish to go ahead to create your website all on your own (BAWOYO). Then follow these 6 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Website. It will give you the much needed head start to creating your own website in less than 24 hours.

7 Strong Reasons to Hire Our Services

You may still not be convinced that we can build a website for you to take care of your business professionally.

Perhaps you are wondering to yourself: "Why should I hire you to build me a website?" If you are, it is understandable.

Consequently, I will not only explain why you should hire our services, but I will give you 7 strong reasons why you should allow us build your website for you.

Build a website for mestrong reasons why you should hire our Build A Website For Me (BAWFM) Services are as follows:

  • We have been in the business of website building and publishing for over a decade now and constantly improving our cutting-edge technology. Hence, we have the practical experience and pedigree to build your website for you.
  • We are affiliated to, a US based web hosting company that has been in the web hosting business since 1999. The implication of this is that you are guaranteed of 100% security and 24/7 global online visibility for your website. Hence, we can confidently provide 99% uptime guarantee for your website.
  • Take a look at the following websites:

    (i) Global Domains, (ii) Internet Marketing Headquarters Nigeria , (iii) TheNigeriaHost - Best Web Host in Nigeria (iv) Kome Itoje - How To Make Money Online In Nigeria Expert, (v) The Importers Bible - The Online Mini Importers Heaven in Nigeria and (vi) The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint - The Award-winning Guide On Making $500 Daily Online From Home.

    All those websites are the products and handiwork of Kome Itoje, the MD/CEO, author and publisher of

    Do they look professional to you? That is precisely how your own website will look like if you engage our Build A Website For Me services - cute, charming and inviting!
  • Another strong reason why you should hire our Build A Website For Me services is that we do ALL the hard work for you. As a matter of fact, you get 90 days exclusive period of work on your website.

    Put in simple terms for you to understand, we design the blueprint and working plan for your website, lay the foundation by doing all the research and planning of high-yielding profitable keywords and the best site concept from a list of possible options that would ensure instant profitability of your website.

    Finally, we will use our Domain Name Suggestion Tool to check for availability and subsequent registration of the perfect domain name for your website.
  • We not only build your website for you, we also provide you with 24/7 after-sales support for your website at the successful completion of your website project. Additionally, we give you one-on-one free mentorship for as long as it is necessary for you to effectively manage your website.
  • It is our firm belief that doing business in Nigeria as a small business need not be hassle-laden. Hence, as a purely Nigeria web host designed primarily for small business men and women in Nigeria, our services are small business friendly and tailored to meet the peculiar needs and challenges of small businesses in Nigeria.
  • Another strong reason why you should seriously consider hiring our Build A Website For Me services is that we have ALL the requisite tools to guarantee the success of your business on the web.

    A small business web hosting solutions provider that offer quality personal service and incredible technical support, we focus mainly on premium Windows, Linux and cPanel web hosting at affordable prices, and use the best World Class Networks.

In Summary

In summary, here is what you stand to gain by allowing us to build your website for you.

  • A beautifully designed website with a professional look and feel, proper navigation links, header links, footer and so on.
  • Assistance with building of a strong network of internal links, as well as Value Exchange links with other websites in similar niche.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the purpose of driving traffic to your website.
  • Assistance with creating monetization models.
  • Setting up of a Paypal shopping cart, if necessary.
  • Assistance with marketing and making money from your website.
  • Constant support and help at all times for your website as it grows and gathers traffic momentum on the worldwide web.
  • Access to the most success-driven help-and-be-helped forum on the net.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our services within 30 days, simply ask and you get your money back. Plain and simple. Just like that. No hassles. No questions asked.

Would you not rather have someone who has been in the website building business for several years now build a website for your online business?

How Much Will It Cost You?

So, how much will it cost you for us to build your website for you? It will cost you just N50,000 (NGN) (or $349 USD), for us to build your website for you from the ground up.

There are no tricky fine lines and no hidden charges whatsoever. You only have to pay us N50,000 (NGN) (or $349 USD) and you will have your website on the internet within 24hrs. Too good to true? Maybe, but this is for real!

So, please, please, please, if it is the success of your website, your online business, that you seek, do not take the route that the 99% small business owners take. Do not take the cheap-quick-and-easy route. Rather, do what the 1% of successful small business owners do when they build a website and launch it on the worldwide web.

Successful small business owners on the web plan for their business. They spend wisely for their business. And they seek help where they feel such help is necessary.

You have to decide if you would rather save the huge difference of cost involved and go with a regular N350/month ($1.99) or more (cost of domain name registration plus hosting) at a regular web host, and receive no guidance at all to build your website and ensure its success, or wisely invest N50,000 (NGN) (or $349 USD) for your website and have our complete professional time, attention and assistance for the building of your profitable website.

Certainly, it takes much more to build a website that is profitable and just keeps expanding and expanding with each passing day. Indeed, allow the expert to build a website for you. You will never regret it!

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Wishing you a fruitful and prosperous business endeavour.

Here is a toast: to a successful and rewarding business alliance!

All the best and have a wonderful time.

Kome ltoje
Komebiz International
(The Best Home Based Businesses Expert)
(The Best Web Host in Nigeria)
(Internet Marketing Headquarters Nigeria)

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