Get Paid Online in Nigeria -
Here's How

Some people find it difficult to understand just how possible it is to get paid online in Nigeria by customers from all across the globe.

Consequently, this web page seeks to provide enlightenment on the payment instruments, as well as the tools that are available for getting paid online from various home business opportunities from the comfort of your home wherever that may be right here in Nigeria.

As an online business practitioner myself having lots of business concerns on the internet, I personally get paid online in Nigeria with my Nigerian UBA bank account by my Nigeria customers.

I also get paid by foreign clients and creditors (such as and Other big and small time business persons and organisations) with the use of my Payoneer MasterCard.

Meanwhile, the various instruments which are used in the payment collection process online are as follows:

  • A Sales Web Page: The first of the tools for getting paid online is a sales copy or web page. A sales copy or web page is needed to give a detailed description of the products and / or services that you deal in. Additionally, a button is provided for people to use for placing their order from your website online.

    Successful marketers often use two versions of the same page to test the impact of each sales page on actual customer patronage or sales in order to see which method is most effective. This is called split testing. To easily create a split test, you can create a free account at Google analytics which allows you to create variables within your page.

    Different versions are alternated when prospects view them on the web. Clicks and sales are tracked on each version. By trial and error, you can learn what is most effective for your audience. Thus, the sales copy or page is an important tool for getting paid online from your website.
  • The Order Form: The order form is another crucially important tool for getting paid online. The order form is a form hosted on a website's shopping cart.
  • Shopping Cart: Another important tool for getting paid online which forms a fundamental part of the sales process is the shopping cart. The shopping cart is a database which records the information of your customers and passes it on to the payment processor for your website.

    Customers can settle their order by various instruments for collecting money that are available online. Some of these instruments for collecting money online are PayPal, AlertPay and credit cards.

    Shopping carts often include an AutoResponder as part of their service.
  • AutoResponder: When customers buy your product, they should automatically receive a message with a download link and / or instructions on how to obtain the products or be included in the services being rendered. Additionally, there is also need to pre-schedule follow up messages with additional information, special offers, etc. All these are made possible through the use of the AutoResponder.

    An AutoResponder is a special e-mail program that automatically creates an e-mail list of everyone who has purchased your product, subscribe to a list, etc and sends email to them periodically. Additionally, you can use the broadcast feature of the AutoResponder to send newsletters to your customers.

    There is no doubt therefore that the AutoResponder is an important tool of the sales process, as it ensures that customers have access to your products 24/7, 365-6 days of the year.

Collecting Money Online

Other tools for getting paid online in Nigeria are as follows:

  • Payment Processor: A payment processor is an indispensable tool for getting paid online, not only in Nigeria, but across the world as a whole.

    For instance, PayPal is a popular method for making and receiving payments online across the globe. Many people accept money on their websites through PayPal. If you integrate PayPal shopping cart into your order page, the payment processor charges the customer's credit card and transfers the money to your PayPal account.

    Additionally, customers can easily pay directly from their verified PayPal Accounts, if they have one.

    Once the customer has ordered the product, their information is passed on through the shopping cart to the payment processor. The shopping cart, in this case PayPal, then charges a percentage fee for each transaction.
  • Use of Credit Cards: While PayPal is a ready-made solution for making and receiving payments online, it is not everyone that can readily have a PayPal Account due to its limitations and the exclusion of some countries from the program.

    Consequently, payment instruments known as credit cards are available for use by everyone wishing to easily make and receive payments online. The most popular credit cards in use today are the MasterCard and the Visa Card. The use of credit cards for online transactions has become an indispensable tool for getting paid across the world.
  • Payoneer MasterCard: The Payoneer MasterCard is a type of credit card that is used for making and receiving payments for online transactions.

    The Payoneer MasterCard can be used to withdraw money from any ATM in any part of the globe. But, you must ensure that funds are loaded to the card before attempting to withdraw cash from an ATM; otherwise, the card may be seized for insufficient or non-availability of funds in the card.

    However, due to the way Payoneer operates, one cannot apply for the card directly from their site. That explains why you cannot find any link that says “sign up" on Payoneer’s website.

    One method of getting the Payoneer MasterCard is to apply for the card through any of their accredited partners. Payoneer has lots of partners through which you can apply for your card. One of such partners is Another is
  • Visa Card: Visa Card is another payment instrument that is used by people around the world for making and receiving payments online. Visa cards offer convenience and reliability just like its contemporary, the MasterCard. Visa cards are used to pay for purchases in more than 170 countries, as well as at Internet merchants’ websites.
  • Interswitch: InterSwitch Limited is an integrated payment and transaction processing company that provides technology integration, advisory services, transaction processing and payment infrastructure to government, banks and corporate organisations.

    InterSwitch, through its “Super Switch” provides online, real-time transaction switching that enable businesses and individuals have access to their funds across the various banks in Nigeria and across a variety of payment channels such as Automated Teller Machines (ATMS), Point of Sale (PoS) terminals, Mobile Phones, Kiosks, Web and Bank Branches.

    Through their payment processing facility, InterSwitch coordinates and simplifies the flow of transactions among a complex network of financial institutions, merchants and customers. The Payment Processing Service comes complete with standard transactions sets such as debits, credits, transfers, recurring payments, prepayments, inquiries, payment information management and administration.

    Interswitch payment processing can integrate seamlessly into several proprietary solutions e.g SAP and Oracle, ensuring organisations do not have to replace their legacy systems in order to enjoy the benefits of 24 x 7 online, real-time, cash flow monitoring, management and reporting from anywhere in the world.

    Interswitch also manages switching and transaction processing services for card brands like MasterCard, Verve, and Visa Card, thereby making it an important tool for website owners and customers wishing to make transactions online to make payment and get paid online in Nigeria.

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