Make Money Online In Nigeria And Ghana Fast Working From Home!

Welcome To The Make Money Online In Nigeria And Ghana Series!

This page discusses reseller web hosting and how to make money online in Nigeria and Ghana fast working from home. It also discusses why you should become a reseller web host without delay - as a matter of fact, starting from today!

Please take a moment to watch the video below for an overview of what reseller web hosting is all about and how to make money from the business.

After watching that video, I am sure you are bubbling with excitement and cannot wait to get started with your own reseller web hosting business.

But, if for some reason, you are not able to watch the video, you have not missed anything. Just continue reading this article. By the time you are through with it, you would have gotten the full gist of what the video is all about.

Now to the big question of the day: Would you love to make money online in Nigeria and Ghana without leaving your home?

How does earning N100,000 on a monthly basis sound to you? Sounds good, I am sure!

What if I told you that you can actually earn that amount of money and even more from reseller web hosting?

"Incredible!" you may have exclaimed, but that is the whole truth.

But, before I go further to explain how to make money from reseller web hosting, let us have a complete understanding of reseller web hosting and how the process works.

So, let us begin by finding out - what is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is an online business activity which involves providing storage space and access for websites on the internet. Hence, web hosting makes it possible to publish businesses to the internet by means of web pages.

Thus, web hosts provide individuals and organizations an avenue for them to launch their businesses and websites on the internet. In essence, without web hosts and web hosting, businesses and websites will not be visible and available for access to people on the internet.

In order to become a web host, you need a web server and a Web Host control panel for managing the Web server and installing scripts as well as other modules and service applications such as e-mail.

reseller web hosting 50 gigabyte web space

Additionally, you also need the necessary computer hardware and accessories to assist in effectively performing your function as a Web Host.

However, I am not going to bore you with all those technical jargons. But, suffice it to say that you can perform all the functions of a highly successful Web Host even without knowing what a web server is.

Awesome, is it not? Of course it is!

That is the whole essence of Reseller Web Hosting.

You can perform all the services of a Web Host like the popular web host such as HostGator, BlueHost and even this site without ever having to bother about hardware maintenance, software update and other technical issues relating to web hosting.

That is why reseller web hosting is one of the sweetest ways to make money online in NIgeria and Ghana while working from the comfort of your home.

Reseller Web Hosting Defined

Now, what is Reseller Web Hosting?

As the name implies, reseller web hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the account owner has the ability to use his or her allotted web space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of individuals and organizations.

In other words, Reseller Web Hosting is a type of affiliate marketing system which allows individuals like yourself to operate a web hosting business.

reseller web hosting you oversee a shopping complex
Here is how Reseller Web Hosting works.

When you purchase a reseller web hosting plan from an established provider like TheNigeriaHost, you will be allocated with a certain amount of web space and bandwidth. In turn, you will split the plan into small bits and sell them to your customers at a profit.

You may either decide to rent a dedicated server from TheNigeriaHost, or resell shared hosting services.

In the event that you resell shared hosting services, you will be given the permission to sell a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth to your own customers without renting a server from us.

Thus, the reseller web hosting service which TheNigeriaHost provides allow you to become a web host - like TheNigeriaHost. So, when you become a reseller web host, you will provide the very same services which our company provides to your own customers. You will also have to provide after-sales support to them too.

And that is crucial to the survival of your reseller web hosting business. Take note that you may not know what a web server is, but you must not joke with top quality customer support service as it is the lifeline of your new web hosting business.

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria And Ghana From Reseller Web Hosting

Now, here is how you make money online from Reseller Web Hosting in Nigeria and Ghana.

Supposing you are a caretaker of a shopping complex of 250 stores.

you make over N1,750,000 per annum from reseller web hostingYou rent them out every year and get a commission on the stores.

If your commission is N6,000 per store, It means you get paid N6,000 X 250 every year.

That amounts to N1.5 Million every year!

With Reseller Web Hosting, it is even better than that. You make more money and there is less stress attached to the business - unlike it is with renting out physical office space.

What you sell is web space which is allocated to you in megabyte and gigabyte.

Now, if you have 50 Gigabyte web space (that is 50,000 megabyte of space), you can split that into small units of 100 megabyte each.

That will give you 500 units of 100 megabyte of web space to sell.

If you sell each unit at N3,500, you earn N1.75 Million every year.

That is N145,000 every month!

Even a Level 13 officer in the civil service does not earn that kind of money in Nigeria!

Why You Should Become A Web Host

Now here is why you should become a reseller web host:

    click here to get started
  • No tedious work is involved!
  • No HTML or any special knowledge is required!
  • You do not need an office space!
  • You do not need paid employees!
  • You do not need a generator!
  • Your customers are yours for life!
  • You can start your web hosting business with as little as N30,000!
  • You can start TODAY!
  • Reseller Web Hosting is as easy as that!

Now, isn't that a sweet way of making money online?

So, what are you waiting for? Become a reseller web host today!

To get started without delay, send an email to

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