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Welcome to TheNigeriaHost domain name registration and web hosting in Nigeria order page.

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How to Place Your Order For Website Hosting In Nigeria

  • Step One: Fill and Submit Form Online - To send in your order, go to the order form page for domain name registration and website hosting in Nigeria. Fill and submit it, taking note of the information you enter in the form.

  • Step Two: Confirm Your Order In Your e-Mail You need to log into your email address and confirm your web hosting and domain name registration order. You will find the confirmation link in the email we just sent you.

    The subject of the email is: "TheNigeriaHost Web Hosting News: Please Confirm Your Web Hosting Order".

    When you find it, CLICK THE LINK - "Yes, process my web hosting order."

    However, if you fail to find the link in either your inbox or spam folders, there may be an error in your email address. if there is an error in your e-mail address, you will not be able to receive this important email or any other email from us for that matter.

  • Step Three: Finalise Your Order - In order to finalise your website hosting in Nigeria order, you will need to make payment for your desired web hosting plan.

    There are several ways to make payment for our web hosting plans on TheNigeriaHost. One of them is direct payment to any of our official bank accounts.

    Alternatively, you can also make payment online through PayPal.com. But, take note that the currency used is the American Dollar. So, you will have to pay the dollar equaivalent of the Naira cost of your desired web hosting plan.

    But, do not worry. If you have a PayPal account, you can always use it to make payment for your order as long as you have linked your naira MasterCard (usually I recommend that of First Bank Plc) to your account.

    Arrangement is currently ongoing to include the InterSwitch payment gateway to expand the options available to our customers to make paying for web hosting plans as seamless and comfortable as possible.

    If you would like to use PayPal or any other payment method, please see instructions on how to do this on the relevant page.

  • Step Four: Send Notification of Payment - After payment, send your payment notification by sms to 08034563447 or 08094089232. You may also scan the deposit slip (if you made payment to bank) and send it by e-mail to website-building@thenigeriahost.net.

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